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September 2020
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Professor Dunfir & Bhang work on weapons for the team, while Major Syn tells the tale of his meeting with Shruken Head Ned, and the reason for their hesitance to join the Lost Tigers. 

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Our heroes share a scary Halloween tale in the skies over China...and relive that fateful night again! This is a special episode to bring a little fright to your new year!         1930’s, 1940’s, Adventure, Action, Parody, Comedy, Science Fiction, Steampunk, Dieselpunk, World war II, Crime, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Adventureland Media, The Lost Tigers, radio show, audio drama

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Bhang assists the team about Chinese lore, and volunteers to go her first mission. Major Will reveals her first meeting with the Flying Tigers.  At Lake Arrowhead, Bhang discovers the history of the lost tomb in Los Angeles, and Agent Easter tries to stop her!

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At the Bulldog Café, Gunny Garcia visits the Rocketeer, and learns of the Axis plans from Princess Soraya. Major Will and Shrunken Head Ned infiltrate a stolen Victory Ship, and recover another clue to the Chinese tomb!  William remembers  his past as a Flying Tiger.

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In Guadalcanal , Gunny Garcia grows as a Marine Gunnery Sergeant. Later, he flies south to confront Colonel Sato in the La Jolla Caves.  The first clue to the location of the ancient tomb is discovered!

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The background of our spoiled millionaire, Kissimmee Kate is revealed during a visit to the South Seas with her father. Russian Consul Smirnov agrees to assist the team as an American Ally. Kate’s rise to Hollywood fame comes to the fore.

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During a test flight of Angel Squadron, is attacked by Nazi pilots in American planes!! The past of Shrunken Head Ned reveals his beginnings after a crash in South America!  Their first mission, a rumored Chinese Tomb, is laid out. 

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The team assembles at the Long Beach Army Airbase, to begin their mission. Dr. Dunfir (The project Inventor) introduces them to new technology, their aircraft, and their support team. Agent Easter joins the crew!

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Our team formation continues as Mr. AWOL tries to recruit Katherine Fury (at a party), then Ned (at his import shop). The group of military retirees assemble to form our intrepid group of Adventurers!

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We begin our adventure by introducing our Govt. Handler (Mr. AWOL) to first Diego Garcia (in a bar fight) and then William Syn (at Will’s Tiki Bar in Seal Beach). And so begins the formation of…The Lost Tigers!

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Our longer advertisement for the show…coming soon from Adventureland Media!

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This is the full 60 second ad for our upcoming show, The Lost Tigers and the Shadow of Evil, featuring our show theme music.

Coming soon from Adventureland Media!

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The Lost Tigers get ready to take off and soar into action. Join us for a new podcast Audio Drama from Adventureland Media, coming soon.

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